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ASEAN Credit

Hosted by Jesley Chua, Vice President, tryb Group

ASEAN Credit: Low access, High risk, Low returns?

  • Practical challenges of investing in ASEAN are many – difficult to have pan-ASEAN strategy due to heterogeneity of markets, high cost of currency hedging

  • Lack of data standardization and data quality assurance makes it difficult/ almost impossible to do due diligence, need to apply high risk premium

  • Given relatively high returns in developed markets, is it even worthwhile to spend time on ASEAN?

  • Digital solutions are reducing the cost of investing in ASEAN – Will it be enough so that the market becomes relevant to international investors?

Taking place on 4 May 2018

Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Constellation Ballroom.

About Jesley Chua

Jesley is Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at tryb and her role spans strategic investments, stakeholder engagement, and new business areas. Prior to joining tryb, Jesley was an early member of the Integrated Strategies Group at GIC, a direct investment team with a mandate to invest in large and structured deals across the capital structure, where she invested close to US$1 billion across the financial services, technology and consumer sectors.


Jesley also has experience in macro research, asset allocation, and corporate strategy. She worked closely with executive management on several corporate level strategic projects in areas such as global relationship management, changes in asset allocation, and GIC’s adoption of its New Investment Framework. She was lead ASEAN economist/strategist at GIC for 5 years.

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